Is my home safe?
What are the measures that can be taken to ensure the safety of my home and family?
What is the need for security alarm systems?

These are some of the questions that are always in mind of a responsible person.

It is the need for every individual to feel protected. Nothing can be compared to the relief we get when we are ensured to be safe. And the safety of our people and homes is our responsibility.

With the increase in the crimes in our neighborhood and whole of India, the chances of us getting robbed cannot be avoided, especially when most of these crimes end up with the victim being physically assaulted. Retail outlets in India – Including jewellery stores, boutiques, and high valued inventory stores are becoming aware of the imminent and unavoidable need for an alarm system. With the increase in crime rates all around, it is human to be protective of the things we love and own. The next step is what to do to prevent such incidents? As people from generations have been saying, “prevention is always better than crying over it.”

There are many companies that provide alarm systems for homes and other purposes. By installing an alarm from a company like ATSS will help you to avoid the worry of your homes, buildings, and belongings being protected from theft or mishaps like an outbreak of fire. These alarm systems detect intrusion or any fire out breaks at your home or office. Also, these are programmed with the latest technologies available in the market. The systems will alert the owner, of any intrusion by ringing alarms and through mobile alerts if you are away from your place. Your budget or your installation skills doesn’t matter at all; these smart alarm systems will keep you safe.

Protect your homes by the best home security and alarm systems. ATSS provides Burglar Alarms, Alarm Dialers, GSM Communicators and Timers.

Burglar Alarms : Active – 108 | Active – 207 | Active – 306 | Active – GA4

Alarm Dialers : Active – LD | Active – GD

GSM Communicators : Active Atom | Active Informer

Timer : Active T5 -40

The reasons to which why an alarm system should be installed

Protects valuables both in our homes and shops: The valuables in our homes are protected as we are notified of an intrusion, and the loud alarm is set to attract attention from neighbours and the people around.

Decrease crime in the Area: A study has shown that there is a decline in crimes in the areas where alarm systems are installed. Criminals kept away from these areas of the fear of getting caught.

Allows remote access to your homes through mobile applications: The technologies in alarm systems have been developing. Most alarm systems are connected to our mobile phones through software. We can control, monitor and make changes in these alarm systems even when we are away from our homes. Also, other than sounding alarms at high volumes, we are alerted on our phones in case of any break.

Notifies you of a gas leak or fire breakouts: The sensors can detect smoke or high levels of combustible hydrocarbons that can lead to property damage.

Makes room for peace of mind: nothing can be as satisfying as being able to go to sleep without any worries. Your home is protected by an alarm system ensures that complete protection.