Recessed Mount Switch Chennai India

Recessed Mount Switch:

These are the switches that sense the opening or closing of a door or window. The switch and the magnet are recessed into the door or window. A small, usually circular hole is drilled into the door or window frame and in a corresponding point on the door or window. When the door or window moves away from the magnet, the switch opens and it is sensed by the alarm control panel.


  • Contact Rating : 10W/VA
  • Switching Voltage (Max.) : 200 VDC
  • Switching Current (Max.) : 0.5 Amp.
  • Contact Resistance (Min.) : 150 milli ohms
  • Life Expectancy : 10x 10 6 Operations
  • Insulation Resistance : 10 9 ohms
  • Shock Resistance : 30G for 11mSec.
  • Vibration Resistance : 20G ( 10 to 1000Hz)
  • Magnets : ALINCO/ Rare Earth (Unless otherwise specified)
  • Armour Jacket : Stainless Steel (Type 304)
  • Plastic Material : ABS Plastic (Unless otherwise specified)