Vibration Sensor Chennai India

Vibration Sensor:

The Sensor helps in detecting an intruder that is using force to pound through a wall, roof or other area of the structure.Vibration Sensor is designed to trigger the alarm if somebody attempts to force entry through a door, window, or other possible entry locations. As soon as a vibration from an attempted forced entry is detected, the sensor is triggered and sounds the alarm.


Physical Parameters
: Window Frames, Door, Walls, Roofs
Casting : White ABC Body
Dimensions : 86mm X 26mm X 25mm
Electrical Parameters
Supply Voltage : 9V To 16 VDC
Current : 10mA Typical
Alarm Output : Normaly closed potential free   contacts.
Having rating as 200 VDC, 500mA
Alarm Period : 2-4 seconds(typical)
Detection LED : Internally linked to enable/disable   using jumper setting
Detection Method : Piezo Electric Transducer