ATSS burglar-alarm system is a safe and effective alarm system for the protection of people and their belongings, capable of detecting any intrusions, promptly notifying the event by means of sound and visual alarms, and by sending telephone messages the system includes a central unit that can be programmed for control and supervision of the system, management and control devices, volumetric sensors (IR technology or Dual IR+MW technology), for the internal protection of the house, and perimeter sensors for the protection of doors and windows.


In case of suspected noises inside the home, the owner can manually activate the burglar-alarm system to generate an alarm signal if the system is armed all the sirens will activate to confuse any intruders at the same time, the telephone communicator of the central unit will also send a remote assistance request if the system is not armed only the indoor siren will activate (if present), while the communicator will forward the request for assistance.

Old, disabled or recovering people may send an assistance request using Emergency Switch the signal transmitted is detected by burglar-alarm system, which activates an indoor siren, and the GSM communicator which forwards the assistance request to the set numbers.

Customisation of Users

The central unit can be programmed to allow access inside the house based on two criteria that can be customised by the user; by time band, and by type of area

Time band: access in protected areas is only allowed at certain times for example, the maid is given a key that disables the burglar-alarm system each Tuesday between 9 00 o’clock and 12 00 o’clock.

Area: Access inside the house is only permitted in some areas for example; the gardener is given a key That only gives him access to the tool room.

Managing Scenarios

It is possible to define up to 16 scenarios to activate, with one single operation, the burglar-alarm system for the areas of the home that need protecting it is also possible to associate a certain scenario to each individual key.


ARMED: Simply means that the burglary portion of your system is turned On, and is in a state of readiness.

DISARM: Means that the burglar system is turned OFF, and must be rearmed to become operational. However even in the disarmed state emergency portions of your system will still be operational.

Zone A Specific Area of Burglary Protection.

Delay Zone: An area of protection containing doors most frequently used to enter or exit [typically, a front door, back door, or door from the garage into the house]. The delay zone allows for sufficient time for authorized entry or exit without activating the alarm.

How to Disarm your Burglary System upon Entering.

Enter Via a door in your Delay Zone. You will hear a steady low-level tone from your remote keypad. The Entry Delay Period set by your installer during installation. Based on the time you have to reach your remote keypad and Disarm the burglary portion of your system.

Enter your security code. The Red Arm Indicator Light will go out. You may open and close doors and windows move freely, without setting off an alarm.


Go directly to the nearest keypad. Enter your security code. The Red ARM and the Yellow STAY Indicator Lights will go out. You may now open and close doors and windows and move freely, without setting off an alarm.

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