Burglar Alarm Systems

Enhance Your Security with Active-108

While leaving our house or workplace, we always find ourselves concerned about security of these places. Recent history and current scenarios of theft strived us to ponder about the necessity of installing security devices.Active-108 is a true detective and bodyguard for your privacy & valuables both.

Few Important Features of Active-108

  • ATSS’s Active-108 is a day/night mode security device.
  • This Burglar Alarm is not mere a security device but an intelligent model of embedded technology which provides you alerts on a daily basis and allows you todelay time setting by 30/60 seconds.
  • Active-108 comes with two different zones (Delay and Immediate zone) which in turn, gives you more flexibility.
  • LED indicators let you know under which zone your device is currently operating on and provides you an instant siren alert for selected zone.
  • Privileged with two sirens with tamper provision, the device is also engineered with built-in battery backup and hence leaves you worry free during long stays away from your house/workplace.
  • The device is very easy to operate as controls are available on the door with a resettable fuse.

Programmable Active-207

Looking into the fact that criminals are more skilled now-a-days and familiar to new technologies, it is of utmost importance that one should use an upgraded security system which can create problems for burglars. ATSS is providing one such exemplary solution to this concern with their Active-207 burglar alarm.

Salient Features of ATSS Active-207

  • This is a two zone device (Immediate & time delay) comes with programmable soft touch key-alarm system. As device is programmable, it is very easy to change basic security criteria which cannot be guess by intruders easily.
  • Device provides you a daily alert and can be armed/disarmed using password. Programmability allows users to create passwords as per their requirements. Also, this system can be auto armed for different zones.
  • Advanced technology used in Active-207 allows users to create separate passwords for separate zones and hence in turn, adds up an extra level of security.
  • Similar to Active-108, Active-207 comes with LED indicators for different zones and two sirens with tamper provision.
  • ATSS Active-207 is operated using a micro-controller and encompasses the features of built-in battery backup, Low/Reverse battery indicators, Resettable fuse & Controls on door panel.

Master Piece of Advanced Technology, ATSS Active-306

Isn’t it awesome, if you get to know some of the previous instances occurred when you were away from your home? What if your security device looks attractive apart from being intelligent? Don’t you feel much safe and secure, if your home security device allows you maximum communication for keypad? Be happy my friend! ATSS Active-306 is here for you.

Exemplary Features of ATSS Active-306

  • Now secure a large area of your location with Active-306 four zones or eight zones burglar alarm. No need to say, up to what extent this machine can provide you flexibility regarding area of space you want to secure.
  • Provides you alert on daily basis and you can ensure up to 240 seconds of delay time setting. For excellent security considerations, the device holds one master password & 8 individual user passwords for each zone. Obviously, passwords are liable to change and one can arm/disarm the device using password.
  • Zones can be auto armed and their status can be viewed on attractive 2-lines LCD display. Time based automatic arm/disarm-sleep mode is also available with the system.
  • It is a micro-controller based system andcan be re-programmed completely, and hence ideal for adopting future changes, if any.
  • Active-306 enhances it performance with 2 sirens with temper provision. Also, device can maintain up to 50 events log information.
  • Other features include- In built battery backup with low/reverse battery indicators, Maximum 485 communication for keypad & Access control interface using keypad.

An Ideal Combination of Technology and Design- Active-GA4

Imagine your experience while getting a handy combination of technology and smooth finish to design. Isn’t it a wow experience? Well, Active-GA4 contains all the fabulous qualities which routes your vision for this device from good to excellent. User will get an extra component everywhere and you’ll get to know when you use this device. Let’s go through its primary features which delivers you an excellent experience.

Primary Features of Active-GA4

    • Four zones coverage is available with Active GA-4, which allows its users to become more reliable on it.
    • Provides you daily alerts with delay setting time up to240 seconds. It also has a provision of 1 master and 5 individual passwords.
    • SMS options are available up to 16 text messages along with historical information of 50 events. The device comes with 64-bit LCD onboard keypad and 24 hours’ panic/tamper zones.
    • Alarm options are available for all the 4 zones. In fact, one can arm/disarm the device using changeable master/user password. Also, instant siren and Call/SMS alert are available for open zone.
    • Device can be auto armed with availability of individual voice & text message for each zone. The individual voice message can be recorded for 20 seconds.
    • Inbuilt memory storage can extend your count of phone numbers to 10. A new option of receiving balance status through SMS is also provided.
    • Recorded message can be play backed. The device is ready to reprogrammed anytime along with built in battery backup provision.
    • Active-GA4 is based on micro-controller which can also be operated using mobile application. Additional features are- external relay for trigger mode and application mode which can be operated by SMS.