Active-Atom GSM SMS Alert Communicator ATSS Chennai India


The ATOM is Compact Sized GSM Communicator, It Consists of Single Input. The Device can be connected to anything that provides a NO (Normally Open) or (Normally Closed) volt free alarm signal. E.g. thermostats, generators, fridges, freezers, fan panels, fire panels, intruder alarms etc.The Device Can be Controlled through Mobile SMS/Android App.

  • Single Zone
  • Zone activation /deactivation can be done through SMS/ANDROID application
  • Both Zone Open and close alert available
  • Option to Receive Only Zone open alert or Zone close alert or Both available
  • Instant SMS/Call alert For zone open/close
  • Option to Receive only SMS Alert or Call Alert or Both available
  • Memory available to store 4 phone numbers, 1 Admin Number
  • Device can be controlled through android application
  • Editable 15 Bit SMS Alert Message
  • Compact Design
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Having network led to know signal strength
  • Having status led to display board is in idel or doing some operation