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Active-Atom Single Input Zone GSM Communicator Manufacturer ATSS Chennai India

Single Zone Zone activation /deactivation can be done through SMS/ANDROID application Both Zone Open and close alert available Option to Receive Only Zone open alert or Zone close alert or Both availableRead More…


Active-GD Burglar Alarm GSM Dialer,Fire Alarm GSM Dialer Manufacturer ATSS Chennai India

2 Trigger Available NO, NC (Normally Open/Close) 16 Texts Sms Option Available On Board Keypad With 32 Bit Lcd Arm/Disarm Through Password / Sms Changeable User Password Instant Call/Sms Alert For TriggerRead More…


Burglar Intruder Alarm System Installation Chennai ATSS

Thefts Break-ins,and vandalism can result in loss of goods, Money and peace of Mind and damage to property. This affects the confidence of those who work or live on. ATSS Intruder alarmsRead More…