School Timer

Reduce Manpower & Increase Efficiency with Active T5-40

In the world of automation, we come across many devices/inventions which are an exemplary solution to giant looking problems. In Schools, Factories, Colleges and other commercial buildings, bell plays an important role. Ring of bell tells the end of an event and start of new one at the same time. But manual interventions make things complicated and hence creates chaos everywhere.

To cope with these inevitable situations ATSS markets one of its best timer Active T5-40 for almost all commercial purpose buildings.

Attractive Qualities & Features of Active T5-40

  • An enormous flexibility for selection of time period is one of the attractive feature it has. The device allows up to 200 time schedules. T5 means- Five programs & each program has 40 time schedules.
  • Each program works for different time schedules and hence can be used for different days as per requirements. To enhance its inbuilt security feature, it also allows one to change user password.
  • Time schedules can be managed as desired. T5-40 automatically rings the bell when it is scheduled for a time period and hence terminates the manual intervention and increases the accuracy and efficiency at the same time.
  • One can manually turn on/off bell & light when required. The system is well equipped with 32-bit LCD, RS232 software for better communication and micro-controller for enabling manual programming.